I have never found scientific writing as gripping as I have found this series. My mouth just hangs agape as I scroll and the implications hit me.
A friend who has studied obesity and its causes for years remarked, "This may well be the most comprehensive literature review ever undertaken on the topic, short of the NIH Consensus Panels of 1995 and 2015 that led to the Guidelines on Obesity for Healthcare Providers. On second thought, it may well be even more comprehensive." ... Easy reading and quite convincing.
Even though I'm not convinced by slimemold's thesis, I think the first two posts in the sequence are phenomenal. They do a better job of summarizing the obesity debate than anything else I've ever read.

this thread/blog series is fucking incredible and has entirely shifted my view on nutrition/dieting

This is an amazing meta-analysis thread. A really good example of a crucial mood, the "No Really, Seriously, What Is Going On?" mood, the mood of true curiosity. I don't know if they've found the truth, but I can tell they are earnestly looking.

Ein echt langer Thread, aber wow - sehr interessant!

Fascinating thread. Every time I said to myself "but what about..." a subsequent tweet answered it

holy fuck this is mental

I am going to eat the first doctor who tells me to lose weight

This is not an interesting thread it's an interesting novel

I think it's great. It's exactly the kind of thing I want to talk to all of my friends about. ... very clearly and pleasingly written ... I think a general audience would gain a lot from reading this, especially considering how much time, energy, money, and agony goes into people's relationship with their weight. It's heartbreaking to think of the people who hate how they look and try desperately to lose weight when it may very well be out of their control.

This series is an absolute mind bender.


I recently enjoyed this blog series about unexplained trends in obesity, written by an anonymous collective named "Slime Mold Time Mold."

What the? How do people even come up with this shit